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6 Semester


Creative Writing

Die 2. Klassen haben im Rahmen ihres Englischunterrichts einen Tagebucheintrag für den 15. Mai 2724 erstellt und sich dabei in eine Welt in 700 Jahren hineinversetzt, welche von künstlicher Intelligenz geprägt ist. Drei besonders spannende Ergebnisse wollen wir hier veröffentlichen.

Today is 15th May 2724. I've never felt more alone and empty. I don't feel anything anymore. It's so scary to hide from these robots, not knowing if you can escape, if they find you, or if you will … just die. Yesterday my brother and I were found by a robot. I managed to escape, he didn't. He only died so I could survive. Now I'm all alone. I don't know if there is anyone alive nearby. When my brother died, I looked into his eyes one last time with tears rolling down my face. I saw his soul leaving his body. I saw the life leave his eyes. It reminded me of that one day when we were kids, before this whole technology stuff got out of control. We used to climb up the tree in our garden. But one time James, my brother, fell off and went unconscious. His heart stopped beating for a few moments. We got our health robot from the kitchen and made him help my brother with CPR. Thankfully, he came back to life. But why can't he come back now as well? Why is he the one who had to die? When is it my time to die? I can't stay here much longer. I'm tired of fighting. I suddenly notice a motorbike with keys in the ignition. If I start it and drive away, the robots will notice me and try to get me. I don't think I'm fast enough to escape them. But I'll try anything as long as I don't have to hide anymore. I mean, it's not like anything matters anymore anyway. I run and try to start it. After four times it finally works. But they have already noticed me. I drive as fast as I can. As I look back, they are still chasing me. My heartbeat starts to race. All of a sudden, a small road appears on the side. Without thinking, I turn and drive this way. The robots don't see me, thankfully. I arrive at a small forest that seems strangely familiar. My old treehouse. That was my home. No robots, no Internet connection. Peace. But as I walk in, goosebumps appear all over my body. The floor is covered in blood. I hear a sound. That's it. That's the end. A robot walks up to me. “Take me. There is no reason for me to keep on fighting anyway.” Then everything goes dark… but now I get to be with James again.

Vivien Brunner


Dear Diary,

today is 15th May 2724. Day 300 in the bunker. It feels so much longer and it's driving me insane. I fear if I go out, they're gonna kill me.

It started 300 days ago. I was at home with my family and my dog, Holly. My dad just came home from the bakery when suddenly people started screaming and shouting. Then, we heard gunshots. I thought maybe World War Four had started or maybe it’s a terror attack. No, it was something I didn't expect. Robots and other technology. Huge robots were firing at people. My parents told me to get in the car immediately. Me and my dog waited and waited, but they didn't come. As I saw the robots coming closer, I started the car myself and drove to our family cabin near the lake. I knew about the bunker, but I thought it was there for, I don't know …. fun? The only two questions I had were: “Are my parents still coming. How long will it last?” I mean, I had watched The Walking Dead … but this? This, I knew, was much worse. I had all these days, weeks, months to answer my first question. My parents didn't come. It was me and Holly against the world full of robots.

My supplies aren't gonna last much longer. But I know what happened at my last supply run. I had picked up a gun and gone out with Holly. We always search for things such as food and drinks at abandoned stores and houses. You always gotta be careful. They are everywhere. The robots, I mean. In this one store … I remember it like it was yesterday … We were walking through the canned food aisle when I heard a noise. I knew what it was and I prepared myself to shoot. Suddenly we were surrounded. These bloody robots were everywhere. Me and Holly fought and fought. When it was done, I turned around. Holly lay on the ground. She looked at me with those puppy dog eyes. I knew, it was time. I screamed and bawled my eyes out. I'm alone. Holly is gone. The only good thing (but is this really good..?) is that I got back to the bunker. I don't know what to do. I've got nothing. I read books all day. The same books over and over again. The photo album … I haven't looked at in months. It's covered in spider webs and dust. The only thing that makes the pain slightly more bearable is alcohol, but this isn't how I want it to be. Maybe it should all end. What's the meaning of life anyway?

Oh sh*#t! I think they're here…

Angelina Rasser


Dear Diary,

today is 15th May 2724 and I don’t know how I should start this entry. It's all so scary and unreal. I can’t remember when the cut from my normal human life to this tech world happened, but one thing is clear. There was one.

It all feels like a nightmare you will never wake up from again and I'm sitting there with a feeling that we are only some little weak people. No, we are not even that … We are nothing. When I look outside the window, I see robots everywhere; some of them are small, some of them are as high as skyscrapers. When you normally think of a street, there would be cars with individual people in them, but nothing about this image is real anymore. Instead, there are cars which drive alone or with a robot in them. We don't even go to school anymore. There are no shopping tours with friends or holiday trips to Italy. We can't even buy food in a normal supermarket. We live in a world where you are scared to leave the house and now our most frequently asked question is: “How can we survive this day?”.

Every day is the same as we wake up and work on our computers at home to get a little bit of money. But when you think about money you have thoughts of banknotes and coins but instead of that you get only points on an online platform. We have laptops that are controlled; they check what we are doing and what we are working on. When we miss a deadline, you have to fear for your life. In the evening when we are finished, we go to bed early. It's frustrating. It's not a life you want to live. It's like you're a slave.

Sometimes I go out at night to walk through the streets. Beautiful houses are destroyed and there is no nature left. In some places it feels like there was a big war. I only see my friends on weekends at night. We talk about the past … back when we were happy and free people. After these meetings, I feel a spell of hope. But this hope is as far away as can be when I look outside now. I have asked myself again and again: “How could this happen to us?” But there's no answer. My safe harbour is only my family and my friends.

Every night when I look up at the sky, I pray to God. I tell him all my thoughts and fears. I hope he is listening to me and is able to help. But is God so strong to stop this situation? I think he is. So I'm waiting. When is it time to wake up?

Yours, Leni.

Leni Prommegger